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SetupBuilder is a powerful Installation Authoring and Configuration Management
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26 March 2015

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The task of application development may not be so complicated as its deployment may be. Under the deployment process, the developer needs to pack the application and create a set up for the program to distribute it among the customers. The task is not so simple as it sounds because you need to create a well laid out user interface for guiding the user through the installation procedure and resolve all the compatibility issues that occur during the program installation. Apart from this, the set up is to be created completely secure from any cracking attempts because many permissions and encryption can be evaded by cracking the set up. If you are a developer concerned about such issues related to deployment of your application, then you can use SetupBuilder v.7.3.3162.

SetupBuilder v.7.3.3162 has been specifically designed keeping in mind the critical application deployment needs of the developers. The set up program supports even the latest versions of Windows like 7, Vista and Server 2008. With this program, you can develop efficient set up for applications in a fast and simplified manner and the program takes up the task of integrating security and user interface on itself, thereby letting the user to focus on core issues. This program provides advanced features such as Web update and Web installation for web based installations which are dynamic in nature. For fast customization of UI, the program has a visual dialog editor where you can just arrange all the items to create intuitive interface. The program provides a separate visual debugger with which you can monitor the installation in run time.

To sum up, SetupBuilder is a nice application for developers and has a high utility by letting the developer create set up files in a fast and efficient manner, leading it to score four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Deploying any kind of software application is one of the most complex tasks you face as a developer. It's difficult to prepare an application correctly for installation on every possible system configuration and provide deployment options. SetupBuilder offers the full set of the features you need to quickly build bulletproof setups and updates for Windows. SetupBuilder is the most powerful Windows software deployment solution in the world. It has become the preferred choice of developers worldwide by delivering an ideal mix of power, ease of use, and functionality. We've listened and focused our development efforts on the features needed to meet your critical deployment needs. The very phrase "software distribution" can strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned software developer. Distributing software is the last but most critical step in software sales. Our goal is to help software companies gain as much benefit as possible in this step. SetupBuilder attempts to help you do it all... quickly, reliably, easily. Really. Developer Edition is a best-of-breed product for setup developers who want complete control over their installations. In addition to all functions found in SetupBuilder Professional, the Developer Edition flagship provides advanced features such as Web Installation and Web Update (live update) for creating dynamic Internet-based installations, a Visual Dialog Editor for quickly customizing the user interface, setupPROTECT to maximize your profit potential, reduce costs and increase your software security, a Visual Debugger to troubleshoot your installations by monitoring it as it runs, multi-language support, and much more. As rapid application development (RAD) tools have become commonplace, simplifying the development process and reducing project life cycles, the ability to create smooth, efficient applications in less time often means needing to deploy them just as quickly.
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